"I had back pain and a numb right hand. After 3
months of care at Reno Family Chiropractic, I
feel like a new person. My pain level is almost
zero. The numbness in my hand has been gone
since my 2nd adjustment. My allergies have
gotten better too!"

-Mario Ramirez, age 47

"My asthma was really bad. I had to use my
inhaler multiple times per day. I have had
asthma my whole life. I have been under
chiropractic care for 13 months and I don't use
my inhaler anymore unless it is an emergency.
My asthma is better!"

-Alex, age 16

"I was in a car accident and my back and neck
were in a lot of pain. Since I've had regular
adjustments to my back and neck I have felt
GREAT! I have been overall healthy because of
my weekly or every other week visits to Dr.

Thank you so much for making me feel younger and

-Kim Thorson

"I threw my back out unpacking. I couldn't
move. I came to Reno Family Chiropractic
hunched over. I can walk upright again and am
feeling much better".

-Tammy Nickerson

"I had a neck injury several years ago. I was
in nearly constant pain. I now have much less
pain. My neck doesn't distract me at work or at
school anymore. The swelling surrounding the
injury has literally disappeared. I feel new."

-Sandy Bishop

"I was in a car accident and injured my neck. I
now have an overall better quality of life. I
look forward to my adjustments each week."

-Valerie Smith

"I sought chiropractic care for back pain.
After each adjustment my eyesight is much
clearer and my lower back pain is relieved.
Thanks so much!"

-Karen Hintz

"I came in for low back pain and neck pain after
a car accident. I hardly have any back or neck
pain now. My migraines are totally gone, and I
have had migraines since I was 16 years old.
Thank you."

-Shantel Loville

"I was in an auto accident and had body pains.
From Chiropractic care I've felt better, more
relaxed and I feel great after each adjustment.
Thank you Dr. Barainca for adjusting me and
helping me feel more healthy!"

-Michelle Fifer

"I sought Chiropractic care because my back and
neck hurt. Headaches were common. After
having Chiropractic care, my right thigh
numbness is not a frequent problem any longer
and I feel less dizziness."

-David Andrews

"Three weeks ago, I came to Reno Family
chiropractic for having daily headaches. After
having the pain for the last three years, I woke
up this morning without a headache! Thank you so


"My back hurt! and headaches were common, but
after having chiropractic care my right thigh
numbness is no longer a frequent problem. I feel
less dizziness from my neck!"

-David Andrews

"I sought chiropractic care for severe pain in
my neck and shoulder. I had the pain for five
months before coming to Reno Family
Chiropractic. In only two months of chiropractic
care,the pain has eased which allows me to sleep
at night."


"I had suffered long on-going back trouble for
four years. and after just two weeks of
chiropractic care at Reno Family chiropractic I
feel much better and can now sleep a lot easier!
and I have less stiffness in my back, less
stomach problems, and so on..."