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As many weekend warriors can attest, a weekend game of basketball with a group of friends is a very common way to tweak your back. Even though it's great exercise, when we're idle for most of the week, it's all too easy to pull a muscle or suffer some other kind of back injury. Whether it's pick up basketball or weight lifting, back injuries are common and can make it hard to keep up with your favorite activities.


Sport Injuries Happen

Why Seek Treatment?

Because many sports-related injuries involve the spine, we offer treatments that can get you back to action. Even though tweaking your back may not seem like a big deal, spinal injuries can restrict range of motion, slow reflexes, reduce strength, and decrease endurance as well as hamper your performance. It is not uncommon for professional sports teams, olympic trainers, and competitive athletes to seek out the help and treatment of chiropractors to help restore function to spinal joints that are fixated and not moving properly. Chiropractic care can help restore your health, improve your performance and increase your competitive edge no matter what sport you play!