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There Are Many Causes

Low back pain results in millions of dollars of lost work and untold suffering everyday. Many factors can be responsible for low back pain. Improper sitting or lifting, overexertion, trauma, or inherited spinal abnormalities may contribute to the cause.

Whatever the cause, one reason back pain is such a burden is that it doesn't seem to go away. We don't realize how much we use our backs until our own back is injured. The muscles in the back, and the spine, are central to our movement as humans.


Our Approach

As chiropractors, we understand the many issues that can arise with our backs. We've learned that there are some non-invasive techniques that are effective at alleviating back pain. Patients who find this relief find that life and their wellness, improve drastically.

Don't rely on pain medication to deal with your back pain. Pain medication is generally meant to serve as a temporary fix until a lasting solution can be found. Come in for a consultation and we'll help you find out what's wrong!

Chiropractic treatment for back pain and back injury involves getting everything back in its natural position. We'll examine the curvature of your spine, and look for other issues, and then recommend a course of natural and safe treatment. Come in and get results.