We offer a lot of products in our office to help make your healing easier along the way! Here are some of the products you can purchase in our office.

  • Biofreeze
  • Overdrive
  • Rogue fitness bands
  • Hot and Cold Ice packs
  • Foam exercise rolls
  • Omega 3-6-9 fish oil
  • Multiple other supplements on site

What is Biofreeze?

How it helps with pain management:

Ice has been the go-to pain reliever for many years. And, it is great for relieving pain, reducing swelling and generally assisting with the healing process.

But for everyone who has rolled an ankle, had joint pain or some other problem needing ice, using ice on the injured area doesn’t always feel great. Ice causes numbness, stiffness and even temporary pain, especially if you’re not used to the “icing.” Furthermore, you have to remain stationary for a long period of time, multiple times a day for icing to be most effective. And many of us don’t really have anything better than a package of frozen vegetables to ice our injuries.

This is why we like Biofreeze. This topical pain relief medication has a similar effect as ice, but without any of the negative drawbacks. Effective pain management is important for pretty much every human being, whether it’s overworked muscles, joint discomfort, or strained ligaments. Biofreeze is a great way to deal with the pain while you recover.

How does it work?

When a part of the body is hurt, nerves send messages through the spinal cord to the brain. Biofreeze works to disrupt these messages.

We also like Biofreeze because of how safe it is. Powerful painkillers can have a lot of scary side effects, and can even lead to addiction. Even less potent painkillers can have negative side effects if taken in too large of quantities. Topical painkillers are better at not affecting the systems in your body.

The active ingredient in Biofreeze in menthol. It works very well for joint pain and arthritis. In fact, it was invented by a practitioner that was trying to help his grandmother deal with arthritis pain. Use it for neck and shoulder pain as well, sprains and sore muscles.

How do I get Biofreeze?

We have it at our office for purchase! Our chiropractors will recommend how to use it, and if it will work for your specific issues.